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Urara Komatsu |! SHiMANTO


Artist introduction

Komatsu Urara


He has been fond of painting since he was a child, and began to show his obsession with painting when he was about two years old.At that time, she used only black crayons and started attending a painting class because of her worried mother's intention.He knew the colors and started using them, which made him fascinated by oil paintings.

Entered the creative art school.She became interested in performing arts while she was still in school, and started performing arts activities mainly in small theaters.

Retired from performing arts due to a leg injury and treatment, and started painting again.
I am active in the style of drawing what I want to draw, regardless of the material of concrete, abstract or painting materials, and drawing as I feel at that time.
Artists, Kojate (a group of three old people in Ajate), Kalimba hiroyuki, live painting to match the live performance of Tyco Gen, STAY-HI CD jacket design, store consignment sales of hand-painted T-shirts and cloth masks, event stores, etc. Many.
He also works on shutters and signboards for Kamishakujii's teppanyaki restaurant "Kurumi", small restaurant "Izakaya", and "BAR First".

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