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Pop Art |! SHiMANTO Shimanto Town


POP art colors temples and Shimanto town in front of the gate.In addition, various artists stay at the temple to draw and disseminate art, which brings energy and courage to the city and visitors.



Iwamoto Temple Art


POP art

The ceiling painting of Iwamoto Temple has been a distinctive place for the Shikoku Pilgrimage since the Showa period.The POP artist "SHETA", who is active in the world, has colored the pilgrimage and the various people who visit the temple with the idea of ​​energizing them and living a positive life over time. ..



Real name: Shota Shiiba

Born in 1985 Born in Kugenuma, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture
2009 Graduated from JF Oberlin University, Department of Art and Design
Due to the influence of her mother who likes to draw, she started painting from an early age.When I was in junior high school, my father bought a skateboard, and I was shocked to meet athlete art from the culture of skateboarding, and started painting in earnest under the name of SHETA.High school goes to a local technical high school and spends days skateboarding and painting.After graduating from high school, he got a job at a factory, but retired to do what he really wanted to do, and studied Japanese painting and graphic design at university.After graduating, he got a job as a graphic designer of a company and continued to draw while working as a designer. In 2015, when he was in his 30s, he became independent as a freelance artist and started his activities as an artist in earnest. Belonging to INDEPENDENTS TOKYO (Blue Leaf Co., Ltd.) in 2018, he collaborates with FILA, COACH, STARWARS, draws illustrations for CD jackets and goods for musicians, and also works on mural art.


Iwamoto Temple Sanmon

The colorful hearts are each person's soul, and the water that overflows from the hose represents the water flowing down the Shimanto River and the purification of the heart on the pilgrimage.
The hearts are doing piggyback ride and desperately supporting beside them...
I drew this scene as a way of conveying the importance of caring for others.
I hope that the tradition and spirit of the pilgrimage will continue to be passed on to the next generation.


Iwamoto Temple Sanmon Garage Art

Using the abundant water of the Shimanto River and the heart character that is the icon of this time! SHIMANTO, I made a pattern with Shimanto water and a heart with an image like a camouflage pattern.

Even if you take a selfie nearby or shoot side by side with your friends, the entire background will have this pattern, and it is assumed that it will be a "shining photo" to be posted on Instagram.

Iwamoto Temple Sanmon Garage Art

Okada Shoten

SHETA's cactus is entertaining the pilgrims who are coming one after another!
The composition is that Niida rice balls and rice cakes are served at Okada Shoten.

Okada Shoten

Atto Honmachi

Unlike temples and warehouses, this is also designed with a photo spot that you can enjoy like a shukubo.
Unlike the guest house, this is a couple main design (even girl friends are OK).A photo spot that can be used as the cover of the fictitious magazine "LOVE & PEACE Magazine".


Shimazaki Satoshi Shoten

When the door is open on a weekday, the right side is a picture of building a house with cardboard, and the left side is a picture of stacking cardboard blocks, but when the door is closed, the pictures on the left and right sides are connected to create a single story of carrying cardboard from the pile of it on the left side to the right side.

Iwamoto Temple Main Hall Ceiling Painting


Iwamoto Temple Main Hall Ceiling Painting

The ceiling of the main hall of Iwamoto Temple is decorated with 575 paintings.This was sent by volunteers from all over the country when the main hall was rebuilt in 53.Contemporary paintings such as Buddha statues and Marilyn Monroe decorate the ceiling in various colors.Since this ceiling painting has become a memorable temple for many people, I am drawing POP art in the precincts and in various places in the shukubo in order to invigorate the people who visit the temple.In addition, part of the proceeds from soothing experience programs such as Shimanto River Rock Art and POP Art Coloring Book is also used for young artist development activities.

Iwamotoji Seiryuden Shimanto River subsidence bridge ceiling painting


Iwamoto Temple Seiryuden 
Shimanto River subsidence bridge ceiling painting

On the ceiling of the Seiryu-den of Iwamoto Temple, there is a painting of a subsidence bridge over the Shimanto River.
A scaled-down view of what is drawn on the ceiling is also posted on the forehead for easy viewing, so why not look for a bridge you have visited?
The closest subsidence bridge to Iwamoto Temple is 4 km away.It is also recommended to stay at a shukubo and take a walk in the early morning.
Seiryoden also holds yoga classes and meditation sessions, as well as memorial services.There are individual differences, but you can relax mysteriously.

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