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Shukubo plan

Accommodation plan at the temple

It is a shukubo on the premises where you can easily participate in the morning memorial service where you can enjoy various activities and the atmosphere of the temple in the sauna where you can see the precincts. "SHETA's ROOM" wrapped in POP art, "TERA SAUNA" overlooking the starry sky and the precincts, a temple […]


Room plan with sauna

Sauna detox at the temple!Shikoku Sauna 37th Fudasho "Iwamotoji" A small "tile sauna" with a capacity of 2 people installed on the shukubo bathhouse and the 4nd floor deck of the shukubo.Refresh your mind and body with "TERA SAUNA" overlooking the starry sky and the precincts.・ The sauna is firewood […]


A plan to enjoy sake and cooking mariage that bestows the blessings of the clear stream Shimanto River

Enjoy the pairing of Japanese sake from the local sake brewery "Bunmoto Sake Brewery" with local ingredients at Kappou in Monzen-cho, and visit the sake brewery the next day to take your favorite sake as a souvenir.・ Taste and heal the sake of the local Bunmoto (Fumimoto) sake brewery with the cooking of cooking using local features […]


One day detox training experience at the pilgrimage temple

  Experience physical and mental detox while experiencing the duties of a temple.Gogoma training is a training in which a fire is lit in a furnace set on a wooden platform called Gomadan, and fragrant trees and five grains are offered to pray.The fire of Ogoma Shugyo is 1 me high […]


Temple BBQ and bonfire plan

[Iwamoto Temple guest-only plan, limited to one group per day] Relax with BBQ and bonfire in the temple grounds ▼ Only for those who have confirmed the reservation of the inn. (Including temple camp) ▼ Please reserve the BBQ plan again after confirming the room reservation. (If you register as a member, next time […]


Iwamoto Temple Accommodation Reservation Iwamotoji
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