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Shimanto River Underwater Zen

"Reservation acceptance starts: early February"


Holidays healed by the clear stream Shimanto River "Shimanto Underwater Zen" and "Fudasho Sutras"
Immerse yourself in the Shima River and practice Zen to prepare your mind, and you can feel healing by gaining your own power.



・ Let's receive the power of the clear stream Shimanto River
・ Underwater Zen in the clear stream Shimanto River *
・ Refresh your mind and body by soaking in the Shimanto River and feeling the power of nature
* In stormy weather, etc., it will be held at the riverbank, the main hall of the temple, or the clear stream hall.
 Will be
・ Samue can be rented free of charge (change clothes at Iwamoto Temple Shukubo)
・ Let's warm the cold body in the bathhouse of the shukubo
・ Let's prepare your mind by copying sutras at the shukubo
[English available]


Details of the plan


【event date】
 Please check the holding calendar



  Iwamoto Temple Shukubo set, change into Samue
   (Use changing room)

  Zazen at the Shimanto River near Iwamoto Temple
  Iwamoto Temple bath  
   (Free rental of towels and bath towels)



 Swimsuit, (Samue can be rented for free)



 1 group per day (capacity 1 to 1 people)



【supported language】
 Japanese English



    ■ 12 years old and over 9,100 yen (tax included)
    ■ 6 years old and under 12 years old 5,300 yen (tax included)
    * Under 6 years old cannot participate



【Application deadline】
 Until 7 days before the desired experience date (same day)



 Credit card payment only



[Included in the cost]
  [Sponsor insurance]
  ・ For accidents and injuries that the organizer joins
  Scope of accident insurance to cover
    ● Death 300 million yen
    ● Hospitalization (daily) 1,000 yen
    ● Outpatient (daily) 1,000 yen

 [Experience fee]
  ・ Zen experience fee, what is specified in the itinerary
 [Things not included in the cost]
  ・ No accident insurance.
  Please participate at your own risk.
   Reference: Montbell Field Play Insurance (Domestic Travel Accident Insurance)
  ・ Other than those included in the above costs



 If you would like a sauna, you can add it.

[Additional charge for using the sauna]
 ■ 12 years old and over 2,800 yen (tax included) / person
 ■ 6 to 12 years old 1,500 yen (tax included) / person
  * Sauna capacity 1 to 4 people


♦ ︎ ♦ ︎ ♦ ︎ Sauna detox at the temple !!! ♦ ︎ ♦ ︎ ♦ ︎
・ Refresh your mind and body at the Shikoku Sauna 37th Fudasho "Iwamotoji" shukubo bathhouse and the small "tile sauna" with a capacity of 2 people installed on the 4nd floor deck of the shukubo.
・ Since the sauna uses a wood stove, you will need to burn and clean it yourself.
・ The water bath is a vinyl pool! !!
・ Please wear a bathing suit when using the sauna. (Not available when using the bathhouse)
・ Tenugui and bath towels are available.
・ After using the sauna, please relax in the temple grounds and shukubo.

[Tile stone]
The roof tiles that have been re-roofed and are no longer used are used for sauna stones.The traditional clay roof tiles, which are made in a high-temperature kiln and have protected the house for many years, will not come off even if you perform a rouleux.
Enjoy the detoxification experience at the temple by bathing in the steam rising from the tiles made from Shimanto soil.



Click here to reserve a room with a sauna



* Support for new lifestyles *
 Installation of disinfectant solution, body temperature / health check, wearing mask


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