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"Children's cherry blossoms" pray for safe delivery

You can enjoy the prayer for safe delivery, the experience of pregnant women, and the prayer for safe delivery, Shikishi.

In session


・ Shikoku Sacred Ground 37th Fudasho The Seven Mysteries of Iwamoto Temple
Please pray for a safe delivery to "Koyasu Sakura" 
When the pregnant woman was suffering under the cherry tree at Iwamoto Temple, the Daishi prayed and was able to give birth safely.
Currently, Koyasu Sakura in Iwamoto Temple is worshiped as a talisman to pray for safe delivery.
・ If you are not a pregnant woman, let's experience a pregnant woman and think about it.
・ We will pray at the main hall of Iwamoto Temple.
・ Easy delivery prayer amulet and easy delivery prayer with red stamp colored paper
 (One set will be presented for each set)


Details of the plan


 【event date】
 Please check the holding calendar



11:00 Reception at Iwamoto Temple
Except for pregnant women, put a 3kg weight on the stomach
After visiting one lap of the precincts, visit the main hall
11:30AM - 12:00PM 
 Pray for safe delivery at the main hall
12:05AM - 12:10PM
 Promulgation of a red stamp to thank "Koyasu Sakura" and pray for safe delivery
 12:10 Finished (Thank you for visiting us)



 6600 yen / group [Experience up to 6 people]
  * Under 6 years old cannot participate



【Application deadline】
  Until 7 days before the desired experience date (same day)



【pay off】
  Credit card payment only



[Included in the cost]
 [Sponsor insurance]
  ・ For accidents and injuries that the organizer joins
  Scope of accident insurance to cover
    ● Death 300 million yen
    ● Hospitalization (daily) 1,000 yen
    ● Outpatient (daily) 1,000 yen

  [Experience fee]
  ・ What is specified in the itinerary
 [Things not included in the cost]
  ・ No accident insurance.
  Please participate at your own risk.
   Reference: Montbell field play insurance
          (Domestic travel accident insurance)
  ・ Other than those included in the above costs



* Support for new lifestyles *
 Installation of disinfectant solution, body temperature / health check, wearing mask


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