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Bonfire BBQ at a temple

You can stay at a shukubo (guest house) of Iwamoto Temple, enjoy a BBQ of local food on the temple grounds, and after the meal, soak your mind with a bonfire.


Iwamoto Temple guest-only plan Limited reservation page for one group per day


▼ Only for those who have confirmed the reservation for the shukubo. (Including temple camp)

▼ Please reserve the BBQ plan again after confirming the room reservation.
(If you register as a member, you can easily perform the next input operation.)
* Cannot be used only by minors
※ Free for elementary school children


Those who have not made a reservation for the shukubo

After confirming the reservation of the shukubo
Book a BBQ plan


BBQ rental set ¥ 3000


* All included in 3000 yen
* 10 sets of chopsticks, paper plates, and paper cups


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